Lively Productions Presents: Blood is Thicker than Blogologues

Patrick is thrilled to work with the team at Lively Productions to direct the November edition of their outstanding monthly series Blogologues! This months is all about family, the perfect topic as we head into the holiday season.  Click here for more info and to buy tickets for the show on Monday, November 28th!


Nothing Left to Burn at Ars Nova

Patrick is co-writing and directing Nothing Left to Burn at Ars Nova! Click through to the show page for more information and to purchase tickets! 

Nothing Left to Burn


Wicked: Page to Stage

Registration is now open for WICKED: Page to Stage from the Broadway Online Learning Center! Patrick is teaching this innovative online course in the arts with the brilliant Kate Grant.  Course begins October 17th! 

Register Now! 



The Little Dog Laughed: Reviews and Last Chance! 



This weekend is the last one to catch the incredible performances of Maeve York, Brian Seibert, Jake Mendes, and Tania Verafield in the Little Dog Laughed! I am very proud to have been a part of this production, and if that's not enough enticement, a few people have been kind enough to write up reviews of their reaction to the show! 

Enormously funny, a top-draw staging, well designed and terrifically acted. The Gallery Players have done mighty fine work with this one. It is a wickedly funny night out.” -The Tyro Theatre Critic

“Beane’s fast-moving, poignant tale of self-discovery is blessed with excellent timing, meaty roles, and scene-chewing dialogue. The humor quotient is off the charts [and] the story still manages to be heartbreaking.”-Winnie McCroy, EDGE

"Director Patrick Vassel guides his actors to make their characters intricate, grounded, three-dimensional people. I had a damn good time at The Gallery Players, and certainly plan on heading down there again this season. This sarcastic comedy is just what I needed.” -F’d in Park Slope

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The Little Dog Laughed